Amir (born 1986) is an Iranian Singer, music producer, remixer, and song writer.
He began playing keyboard at 15 and soon started DJ’ing at age 18.In 2006 he arranged and produced music until he released his first professional single in 2008. The track was titled “Under the Sun” and all stages of constructions including song writing and producing was done by himself. In that time this music style was not very common in Iran and because of that we can call him one the pioneers of this kind of music in Iran.
In 2009 he accustomed with “Mehran Abbasi”, one of the best music producers and they decided to work together. They built a band and they both produced music.

2010 was one of the best year of their team work and they could publish their first official album named “2 DJ from Tehran”. This album received huge public acclaims and was spread all over the world, played and sell thousands of times in most music services like Spotify and iTunes.
After releasing their album, they started touring by the album nameall over the world.


AmirYarIn 2013 the contract expired and Amir started his career independently. Singles like Man Raftam, Khodahafez, Roozhaye khoobam, Vakonesh,Zendegie Ma, and etc. were his tracks that he released them with music videos on that year resulting him to become more popular for Iranian and those who lived all around the world. Amir also arranged and remixed many songs for considered Iranian singers such as ‘Shaabe Avale jodaei’ for Ali Ashabi, ‘Javoon tar KeBoodam’ for SiamakAbbasi, ‘Fekret Ba Maneh’ for Milad Fayazi, ‘Baroon’ for Amin Ghobad, ‘Toro Kam Daram’ for Majid Abbasi, ‘Saade Nistam’ for Arshan, ‘Mesle to’ for Hossein Eskandari and remixed ‘Fereshteye Pak’ for SiamakAbbasi, ‘Lanat’ for Amir Abbas and Amin Ghobad and etc.


In 2012 Image Line Company,Belgian software company best known for its digital audio workstation program FL Studio and music software producing, signed a contract that introduced him as a FL Studio Power User and called him as top of its own world list and with official contract placed him besides people like Porter Robinson,Avicii (Tim Berg),Madeon,BT (Brian Transeau), Martin Garrix and he is one the formal members of this company right now.
After achieving several success during his work, he decided to withdraw from music for 3 years according to personal reasons.

Recently in 2017 he restarted his career with a new nickname, Amir Yar, under the official Iran’s license of Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.